vSphere: Removing An Inaccessible NFS Datastore

Ever came across the message: 

Step 1

Despite the fact, it seems to be mounted you can’t access the datastore. Here’s how you quickly can resolve this issue:

Enable it through the WebSphere Client: <target host> – Manage – Settings – Security Profile – Services; select ssh and Edit… to enable it


Log into ESXi via your terminal application using the ssh command ssh -l root <target host>


Run the  command  esxcli storage filesystem list (and optionally  esxcfg-nas -l afterwards)


Run the  command   esxcli storage filesystem unmount -u 62a6d60c-dc04dc3c (you need to copy the UUID of NFS Datastore from file system list) 


Change to the directory  cd /vmfs/volumes/ (doesn’t work directly when working with the full path in the command below – at least not in my case)

Run the  command   esxcli storage nfs remove -v NFS\ Datastore 


Remount your NFS Datastore using the vSphere Web Client and you’re done.

Have fun!

Installing Lion on vSphere 5

This topic has been covered publicly already. Nonetheless for completeness of one my previous posts, I want to provide you with this step by step manual to a virtualized Lion.

Open your Mac App Store. Search for the keyword Lion and choose install to download the latest build.

Lion dnld

After a few minutes Lion is installed as an application and waiting to get run. Go to Applications and right-click on Install Mac OS X Lion. From the drop-down menu select Show Package Contents.

Lion packagecontents
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